Get to know NFT Hero and Non-NFT Hero in HeroFi

2 min readMar 10, 2022

When you begin your journey with HeroFi, you must all own NFT — Assets that earn money from in-game activities and also earn money… when you sell them.

Non-NFT Hero and NFT Hero.

However, HeroFi has recently debuted a new concept, Non NFT Hero. So, how do we distinguish these 2 types of heroes?

- NFT Heroes are heroes which are spawned in HeroFi from the beginning until the “Get Free Hero” option is removed (from 1 to 6 stars)

After the “Get Free Hero” feature is removed, these Heroes will continue to earn gHFI and NFT Items as usual.

In the upcoming Update, when users download the game and log in with your email address, they will still receive 1 free Hero to try out, but this Hero is an ingame property with no Blockchain value.

When completing the required tasks in the game, users can upgrade to a 2-star Hero, and the reward for these 1star, 2-star Heroes is still gHFI and NFT Items.

These Heroes, on the other hand, cannot be sold on the market or converted into Blockchain property; they are only valid when used in the game.

To convert the ingame Token (gHFI) reward into Blockchain assets ($HFI) from these Non NFT Heroes, you must own at least one NFT hero (1–6 star Heroes that spawned before the “Get Free Hero” feature was removed, as well as Heroes that spawned later from Genesis Hero)