HeroFi New Patch: 1.2.2 is now available

Following the completion of the system upgrade, HeroFi promptly published a new patch that included more features and solved certain bugs in the game.

New Patch 1.2.2.


Changelog 1.2.2:

5 New Items from Patch 1.2.2:

  1. Grimore of Darkness
  2. Amor of Ares
  3. Nemean Lion Helm
  4. Shoes of Hermes
  5. Poseidon’s Crest
New Item added.

These 5 new items are the result of the Stake ROFI/Stake #HERO feature that we have released before.

More detailed: http://herofi.io/herofi-announces-new-stake-features-opportunity-to-own-rare-nft-items.html



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