2 min readMar 1, 2022
  1. Cut off the Supply of $ROFI — $ROFI becomes the Governance Token

$ROFI is a functional utility token that will be used as a medium of exchange between ROFI Multiverse players. Users will no longer receive $ROFI as a reward for in-game interactions beginning February 28.

2. HeroFi’s New Star — $HFI

Beginning February 28, $HFI will officially appear and take on the important responsibilities that the elder $ROFI previously held. $HFI will be listed on Pancakeswap on February 28, 2022 at 2PM UTC.

3. New Reward Formula Explained

Reward pool (day n+1) = [ Buy Volume (day n) — Sell Volume (day n) ] x K

- The number of users joining the game that day will be public and displayed in-game at the end of the day.

- In case of Buy Volume is less than Sell Volume, the Reward pool will be 0

4. Tower Mode comes with Special Event

Not to let you wait any longer, Tower Mode will be officially released on February 28th. Along with this update, there will be a special event for users who will be participating in this new game mode. This event is open to anyone who plays Tower Mode.

Detail: https://t.me/herofiann/1166

5. New update on the expiration date of items

After being installed on the Hero, each Item has a two-week expiry date. After two weeks, these items must be repaired before they can be reused. This feature will be activated from February 28th. To repair Items, players will use $HFI or gHFI (Token in-game)

Detail: https://whitepaper.herofi.io/gameplay/equipment

6. Breed System Update

- Only for Genesis Hero, normal Hero cannot be mated and produce offsprings

- The offspring between 2 Genesis Heroes will be 3* Hero.

- You must have two Genesis Heroes of the opposite sex to be able to breed and create new heroes.

  • While producing offspring, the parent hero cannot be brought into battle or farming, and vice versa.

Detail: https://whitepaper.herofi.io/ecosystem/breeding-system

7. Brand New Feature: Shop In-game

On February 28th, Shop In-game will be launched in HeroFi. These are what you can purchase in this Shop: https://t.me/herofiann/1173