Remove the Get Free NFT Hero feature — Good or bad?

3 min readMar 11, 2022


The development team quickly changed its direction in order to bring HeroFi to Google Play, which benefited both the investor and gaming communities.

Against the Inflation — Make A Balance System

Unlike other games on the market, which require a significant investment to enter, HeroFi has launched the Get Free Hero Feature in order to reach as many users as possible.

This feature, however, has inflated the Hero market, with an infinite number of 1-star Heroes spawning and increasing day by day. That is the primary reason why the reward for the 1-star Hero pool has been significantly reduced, as has the price of these Heroes.

It is time to make a change. And the development team decided to publish the game on Google Play and allow users to log in via email. With this conversion, all new 1-star Heroes born after the New Update will be Non-NFT Heroes, and users will be able to upgrade to 2-star Heroes by completing the required tasks in the game, as well as receive rewards for 1–2-star Heroes.

Free 1-Star Non-NFT — The factor that attracts traditional gamers

Despite following the Free To Play orientation from the beginning, HeroFi still encounters the perception that this is a game that is not truly “FREE.” Users continue to believe that the 0.02 BNB fee charged when implementing the “Get Free Hero” feature belongs to the development team, but this is not the case.

HeroFi is a GameFi product related to the Earn element, as well as a series of RPG games. Heroes born in the game have different starting points with various systems and fighting methods. This affects the strength of each Hero in each user’s hands, resulting in the difference between “going Quest” and earning rewards in the Game.

Therefore, the development team collaborated with Chainlink to bring Hero to the HeroFi world in a transparent way. Every transaction related to birth, such as creating a new Hero in HeroFi, is always on the scale and chosen at random, and Chainlink costs 0.02 BNB, ensuring that users have a balanced experience from the start.

In the upcoming Update, when users download the game and log in with their email address, they will still receive 1 FREE Hero to try out, but this Hero is an in-game property with no Blockchain value.

HeroFi will appear on Google Play.

Heroes who become free as a result of this new update will still have the same power and will be able to earn gHFI and NFT items as before. This makes it simple for traditional players to gain access to the game, which can provide both entertainment and turn a hobby into a game. This is one of the factors that attract new users, and HeroFi was among the first projects to do so.

Important Note

Marketplace will only display Heroes with three or more stars and will only accept $ROFI as a payment unit.

Many users here have immediately looked to buy 1-star and 2-star Heroes and then upgraded to 3-star and higher-Heroes in order to maximize the revenue from the assets they previously received for free. Users who own a Hero squad with a higher star qualify earn more rewards.

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