ROFI Multiverse — The Future of GameFi

4 min readJan 26, 2022

Have you ever experienced traveling from this dimension to another? ROFI Multiverse will make that happen.

ROFI Multiverse has announced at least four games in its ecosystem as a pioneer project to bring the Multiverse concept to GameFi.

Throughout the fourth quarter of 2021, the development team has worked tirelessly to keep HeroFi stable, allow everyone to experience the Open Beta version of Legend Guardians, and ensure the progress of the ROFI Multiverse ecosystem.

ROFI Multiverse — The First Trailer

And we have always believed that ROFI Multiverse will be the hope that changes GameFi. Let’s look at 5 reasons why you should believe the same thing.

1. The first Ecosystem with a Multiverse theme in the GameFi World

ROFI Multiverse is the first Ecosystem with a Multiverse theme in the GameFi world in particular and the worldwide gaming community in general. By combining multiple games at the same time, you can use the same Hero to travel in our Multiverse and only need the space travel tickets. Then you can enter various games with different identifications. The HeroFi Team is developing an assorted and comprehensive ecosystem to increase the experience for users. Especially, ROFI Multiverse is an ecosystem with the most diverse gameplays including different genres. With a whole new model, we are creating an ecosystem not only for Crypto-currency Users but for players around the world.

2. Metaverses in Multiverse

Games in ROFI Multiverse in the future will be developed according to the Metaverse trend. As for HeroFi, we are planning to create clans, nations, you can buy real estate and even create a national currency to spend in the world of HeroFi Metaverse. The residents in the clan or nation have to plow ROFI to contribute to the treasury so as to increase the national reserve fund. The larger the fund, the larger the population, the stronger the country.

ROFI Multiverse games will be developed into Metaverse in the future.

3. Increase the revenue for users with the capital of only ¼ as usual

Instead of investing four times as much in four different games, you now just need one hero to enter HeroFi and purchase tickets for travel in the ROFI Multiverse for a nominal fee. After adhering to the tickets, players will be able to own 2 Heroes as 2 separate NFTs. You can also make money by buying and selling these NFTs. Not only can you earn money by playing games, but you can also get money by selling heroes.

4. NFTs consignment system

The ROFI Multiverse team has developed an NFTs consignment system that connects Cryptocurrency users, Publishers, and Non-Cryptocurrency users. Cryptocurrency Users not only can sell NFTs on Marketplace but they also can deposit them back to the publisher which is the ROFI Multiverse team. These NFTs include Heroes and NFT Items The publisher will then convert these NFTs to Non-Blockchain Assets and resell them to non-crypto currency users in the in-game shop As a result, in addition to gains from buying/selling on Marketplace, the ROFI Multiverse team will offer a consistent source of revenue for Cryptocurrency users, which can help to prevent inflation.

ROFI Multiverse — Model.

5. 20% Revenue from In-Game Shop is used to Buy Back in-game rewards

Starting with the traditional model, Shop In-game gives players the necessary products and equipment to participate in all gaming modes.

The following games in the ROFI Multiverse series will use the traditional model, which will considerably increase the number of players who come from this model, allowing them to satisfy their gaming love while also supporting them. Furthermore, they can convert to Crypto-currency Users and profit from their hobby.

These games’ revenue will be withheld by 20% and utilized to Buy Back in-game prizes. This is a solution that can assist the market to attain stability while also preventing inflation caused by the token supply.

The concept of a multiverse is still relatively new, particularly in the crypto world. As a result, the conception and development of ROFI Multiverse this year promises to be a series of explosive events.