The Cyberattack Against HeroFi: What Happened, and what we are doing about it

On December 5, HeroFi’s security system was the target of a security attack.

What happened?

Plan of action — Maximizing customer benefits

  1. $ROFI Contract Change
  • For users/investors who traded between the time of the hack and the time of the snapshot, please fill out the form below as soon as possible to receive a refund of BUSD/BNB (depending on the case). Specifically:
  • For ROFI buyers, the capital will be refunded in BUSD/BNB, but no ROFI tokens will be returned.
  • For ROFI sellers, the ROFI number will be refunded in the same manner as before the transaction, subject to the return of the respective swapped BUSD/BNB part.
  • Use all Marketplace sales in the last 30 days ($150,000) to execute a BUYBACK $ROFI. order
  • After BUYBACK, all $ROFI will be BURN.

Our Path Forward

Thank your for your support.



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