Tower Mode — A super exciting and appealing Game Mode — HeroFi



  • Maximum number of floors: 100 Floors.
  • Players build a team of up to 5 heroes to fight the enemy team of the Floors.
  • A team that can be a group of Heroes that has a number of stars from 1 to 6 stars.
  • Like Arena Mode, players participating in Tower Mode can freely arrange their team before starting the battle. Heroes entering the battle will fight in Auto mode.
  • When entering the battle, players can pause the match or choose to give up.
  • Players must pass the lower Floor to enter the next Floor.


  • Gold.
  • Arena Tickets.
  • Stamina.
  • Tower ticket.
  • 2-star items.

Win-lose conditions

  • Players must clear the enemy team.
  • The health point of the heroes that are still alive will only be restored X% of their maximum health.
  • Heroes who died can still be selected to fight on the Next Floor but when starting a new battle with X% health.
  • Players can choose a new Hero from their hero list.
  • If the match lasts more than 60s and the player cannot wipe out the Floor, the player will be considered as the loser.
  • After losing, the player must climb back from the first Floor and at this time, the health of all heroes in the team will be reset to the original.

Other features in Tower Mode

  • After each Floor, players can use Gold to restore 100% health for the entire team.
  • The amount of gold to spend each time using the healing ability will increase with each Floor.

Tower Mode is being launched in combined with a Special Event

  • This event is open to anyone who plays Tower Mode.
  • The Leaderboard for the Tower Mode event will feature 100 participants and will be ranked according to the player’s highest level obtained throughout the event duration.
    Higher-level players will have lower rankings.
  • If the players are on the same level, the HeroFi team will compare the number of victories for each level to determine the winner.




⚔️ Free to Play 🛡️ 🎮Earn Real Money 💰 🎮Fight Farm Trade Produce

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⚔️ Free to Play 🛡️ 🎮Earn Real Money 💰 🎮Fight Farm Trade Produce

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