Following the ROFI attack on December 5, 2021, HeroFi’s Dev team halted all $ROFI-related activities on DEX exchanges, as well as shut down the entire page, including Marketplace, Shop…, and urgently deployed solutions to overcome.

The HeroFi team would like to announce the following implementation steps in order to…


  • Time: December 2nd, 2:30AM UTC
  • Host: CMO of HeroFi — Jennie

Main Content


*Updates from HeroFi

  • Adjustment in the $ROFI locked and unlocked
  • Adjustment in the amount of $ROFI to upgrade the star-level of Heroes
  • Adjustment in the time to claim $ROFI reward of PvE



Part 1: Introduction

Hi everyone. My…

HeroFi, as one of the best aRPG on the GameFi market today, always adheres to the roadmap we have planned.

With the ever-increasing number of users, we decided to UPDATE NEW EVENTS in order to satisfy all gamers in terms of both entertainment and profit.

Let’s keep ROADMAP up to date:

December, 2021:

  • Stake $ROFI
  • Add liquidity to unlock $ROFI
  • Open Beta of Legend Guardians
  • Buy NFT Items in Marketplace by $ROFI

Q1, 2022

  • Official Release of Legend Guardians
  • HeroFi Version 1.1: New mode & updates
  • Big updates for Multiverse

The news is going far in the galaxy. So make sure you follow us on all social media so you don’t miss any news!!

Along with CoinMarketCap, $ROFI is listed on BIBOX. From now on, you can buy, sell and exchange $ROFI on this DEX.

The detailed schedule is as follows:

  • 11/26/2021 14:00 (UTC+8), deposit function will be enabled.
  • 11/27/2021 19:00 (UTC+8), ROFI/USDT trading and grid trading will be enabled.
  • 11/27/2021 12:00 (UTC+8), withdrawal…

Since the game was released, HeroFi has received tens of thousands of downloads and brought the game to the Top 1 Blockchain Game (As assessed by Dapp)

Therefore, after careful consideration, HeroFi decided to change the Contract address to maximize the interests of users.

The new contract is equipped with stronger security, making sure the $ROFI in your wallet becomes much safer. This helps reduce Scams, Hack, Fraud… or other financial problems.

!!! Here is the new $ROFI Contract address !!!

Please be aware!! From now on, HeroFi only uses this Contract address of $ROFI. All other addresses are fake ‼️

What is Essence?

In the upcoming HeroFi game universe, there will be many different games, different worlds, so how can players travel through those worlds easily and completely? Essence is the answer for you

Essence, known as space travel ticket, is the only tool that helps you open the portal between worlds and…


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